UWB seeks to be an advocate for professional women, offering resources for business development, marketing, and PR, while also acting as an open community that fosters entrepreneurial creativity and ingenuity.

UKRAINIAN WOMEN in BUSINESS- The biggest and the most influential Ukrainian nonprofit organization managed by women in NW Illinois. UWB’s annual fundraising events count thousands of attendances each occurrence. UWB is widely known by the Ukrainian population in Chicago, IL (Chicagoland is home to estimated 100,000-250,000 Ukrainians and Americans of Ukrainian descent).

Since 2013 Ukrainian Women in Business, NFP enables our business members to achieve major Good Cause Based Brand and PR Recognition while collaborating and giving back to our community through charitable volunteer work.

UWB is recognized as not for profit and tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code with Tax ID: 46-540-1658.

UWB Programs directions (new Diagram with 3 circles: Community Network, Philanthropic Mission, Education & Development)

UWB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering female Ukrainian entrepreneurs through networking, members’ promotion, monthly meetings, educational seminars, and philanthropic events. The cornerstone of UWB mission is to promote and support our community of social entrepreneurs, while always remembering to give back in kind. Ukrainian Women in Business membership comes with a social justice component and members will have the ability to get as involved as they choose in the philanthropic work of the organization. Additionally, Ukrainian Women in Business offers intermediary services for families looking to host and adopt from Ukraine.

Community Network: Ukrainian Women in Business seeks to provide a network of support with which members can share ideas, create connections, inspire each other and lift each other up. In the spirit of community, we offer many great resources and events for members including educational seminars, social events, and networking opportunities. Additionally, UWB has a strong online presence and an established social media community which is always open to members. This open forum has proven to be a worthwhile resource and is utilized regularly by our members. UWB also promotes members’ business on our website and social media sites for added exposure.

Philanthropic Mission

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Mahatma Gandhi

UWB knows how to help THE RIGHT WAY to orphans in Ukraine!

Ukrainian Women in Business, NFP along with our continued partner in Ukraine, 

Українська благодійницька мережа/Philanthropic Network are for

  • Assisted Living
  • Adoption
  • Art Therapy
  • Socio-Cultural Adaptation & Professional Orientation Programs for Orphans.

All of the above helps to achieve the emotional balance of children orphans, overcome insecurity and feeling of fear of the environment. Aims to help find the way in life to be well-adjusted in modern society. And to find happiness and fulfillment!

We are honored to help in financing the fist assisted living platform for disabled orphans in Obertyn, UA “Oselya Viry, Nadii, Lyubovi”

Help our charitable organization to set them right for LIFE, not for existence.

Please join our UWB efforts to make a truly powerful impact and change for good!


– Every 3 days in Ukraine-250 children are placed into the orphanages.

– Every 3 days, in institutional care facilities 1 child dies – in loneliness and without people that love them because of illness or accident.

picyThe above map shows the ratio of children in institutions with the status of orphan to those children that have been abandoned by parents that have not had their rights severed.
The 2015 statistics show that over 100,000 children are in the care of the government and living in orphanages. Only about 10% of them (shown in blue) are orphans, the other 90% (shown in orange) are children who have parents but are forced to live outside the family environment. In fact, more than 90,000 of these children are considered in many ways orphans, but they cannot be adopted. That’s why help of donors is vital to ease these children’s leaving conditions.

In 2018 about 6,000 orphaned children still live in unfavorable conditions of institualization.

Of course, new assisted housing does not replace them a family, but we must do our best to make orphaned children grow up in comfortable conditions of modern housing with all the necessities.

Please review all our UWB Annual Brochures to see what already has been done for the last years: