UWB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering female Ukrainian entrepreneurs through networking,  member promotion, monthly meetings, educational seminars, and philanthropic events. The cornerstone of UWB mission is to promote and support our community of social entrepreneurs, while always remembering to give back in kind. Ukrainian Women in Business membership comes with a social justice component and members will have the ability to get as involved as they choose in the philanthropic work of the organization. Additionally, Ukrainian Women in Business offers intermediary services for families looking to host and adopt from Ukraine.graf

Community Network: Ukrainian Women in Business seeks to provide a network of support with which members can share ideas, create connections, inspire each other and lift each other up. In the spirit of community, we offer many great resources and events for members including educational seminars, social events, and networking events. Additionally, UWB has a strong online presence and an established social media community which is always open to members. This open forum has proven to be a worthwhile resource and is utilized regularly by our members. UWB also promotes member business on our website and social media sites for added exposure.

Philanthropic Mission: Ukrainian Women in Business works with Krakovetska Special Secondary School and Orphanage located in the Lviv region of Ukraine. Krakovetska houses and educates children with physical disabilities and mental health issues. The orphanage is in a constant struggle to keep their facility running and the children, given their special conditions, require many additional resources. Following our first annual fundraiser, UWB successfully raised more than $10,000 for Krakovetska which paid for a heating and air conditioning unit and some much-needed renovations at the place these children call home. UWB organization continues to raise funds year around to support all orphans in our network. This is one of our ways of giving back to the community.

Hosting & Adoption Resource: The Process of adopting, particularly internationally, is a daunting process. It is difficult enough to simply navigate the plethora of paperwork involved, let alone, the challenge of a language barrier. UWB is happy to announce the start of Ukrainian Orphan Travel Program which will take place this summer 2017; at the end of June-beginning of July. This program is an opportunity for orphaned children to have a cultural and educational experience visiting the United States, becoming a part of a hosting family, receiving an incredible and unforgettable opportunity to enjoy and share summer joy in America. UWB’s goal and desire is to help families to get connected with orphaned children to have a better understanding of the children’s lives and needs. The program is managed by Youth Society of Kyiv, Ukraine. The organization has 20 years of experience managing international hosting programs, the Ukrainian portion of the program. The Ukrainian Women in Business, a non-profit organization with an experience in fundraising events for Orphans with Disabilities, manages the US portion of the program. Orphan children will be selected from mostly central and western part of Ukraine. All children are in good health and mental condition. Ages: 7 to 15 y.o. Read more: Hosting