• When the fees are paid?

The $150 Application Fee is due at the time of submitting your application and is not refundable. The $2,700 Travel Program Fee is due in three-month prior arrival, which is April 15th, 2017. These dates are fixed and all fees must be paid in an orderly fashion. Otherwise, the family will lose a chance to host a child this coming summer. If payment is not received in full by April 15th, 2017, that child won’t have the permission to leave Ukraine.

  • Can I fundraise to offset my costs?

If families are interested in hosting a child and do not feel that they can afford the Program’s Fee, they are strongly encouraged to seek donations from friends, families, churches, or businesses. UWB and Youth Society of Kyiv, Ukraine both are non-profit organizations, all donations over $250 will be receipted and all contributions are tax deductible.

Please Note if Fundraising

– ALL FUNDS are due at the Travel Program Due Date

– If paying with a check, the hosting family should mark they and the hosted child’s name on the check memo line.

– All donors should mail checks to the family, and then family mail one check to the organization.

Guardians Regulations

The Ukrainian government requires Orphanage Staff and Guardians/Translators to accompany children traveling to the United States through the Travel Program. In 5:12 ratio; meaning 5 chaperones for the group of up to 12 children.

Interesting Facts

– For UWB it takes good 4 months for hosting outreach, promotion, and communication nationwide

– Anywhere from 600 to 800 working hours

– Starting as early as the end of January, beginning of February 2017

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of less fortunate orphaned children. We can empower them to reach their full potential. It is transforming. It is inspiring.  It is appreciative. And it is the right thing to do.

All interested could obtain hosting application or request more information about the travel program, children, hosting families’ responsibilities, and all necessary paperwork.