The cost of Ukrainian Orphan Travel Program is $2,700 per child, with additional $150 Application Fee. This cost is fixed.

The fee includes:

  • $1,100 paid officially to Youth Society of Kyiv, Ukraine for getting an international passport for a child, US Embassy visa ($160, paid officially to US Embassy in Ukraine), visa application forms, emergency medical insurance, chaperones fees, transportation from children’s orphanages to Kyiv International Airport and back
  • Approximately $1,100-$1,200 airfare fee from Kiev International Airport to Chicago International Airport.
  • Donation to children’s orphanages ($150-$200). While hosting children, not only will families provide an incredible opportunity to enjoy Summer in America, but also help the children’s orphanages in UA. Reports will be provided upon request.

Join airfare for all chaperones (or nurses) and guardians/translators ($250-$300 from each family to cover the cost of approximately 4-5 chaperons/guardians/translators)