Sofia Mikolash-Georgiev

Founder, Executive Director

Sofia Mikolyash-Georgiev’s founding of Ukrainian Women in Business, an NFP organization in February of 2013, was far more than just creating an organization – it was an outcome of her lifelong desire to find a perfect outlet for her spirit of a brave warrior and her child-like heart. She established UWB with intent to utilize her sense for business and desire to help the Ukrainian community through supporting small business ventures, as well as charity work with orphans in Ukraine.

Sofia remembers her childhood days in Lviv region with great fondness, realizing how utterly defining it was for her life and career path. Her parents were young teachers, still, students when Sofia was born. She was raised by her grandmother, who was a tailor – always kind, generous, strong, and ready to sacrifice her needs for Sofia’s well-being. Sofia was named after her great-grandmother who immigrated to the USA and came back to Ukraine.  Sofia always looked up to her in her own life struggles.

Sofia’s path as a leader became apparent in early years of her life. She always surrounded herself with children of all ages, organized concerts for locals, helped veterans with basic household chores, cleaned the streets. There wasn’t a stray dog or cat that didn’t get adopted by her (which didn’t always make her parents happy).

After earning her masters and migrating to the US in 2000, Sofia helped to raise an adopted baby boy. She treasures the experience of being able to love non-biological child as much as she loves her own. She still maintains a close relationship with the adoptive family to this day. That special boy from Korea made her want to be a better person, and shaped her in the deepest way, into who she is now as an individual.

Sofia owned a coffee house in Chicago and often organized baking classes for kids, an educational and fun experience for the whole family in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood. The experience of being a small business owner herself enabled Sofia to bring invaluable experience to the UWB family, a unique perspective to share with the members, and a warm, yet electric personality that inspires her whole team. In addition to being a business owner, Sofia also has experience in the field of marketing and public relations—a field that goes hand in hand with business development. She holds a Master of Science degree in Finance and Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Prykarpattya National University in Ukraine, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with Concentration in Accounting, Summa Cum Laude, Den’s List 2016 and 2018 Alumnus of the Year, East-West University, Chicago. Multilingual.

What drives people towards her is her magnitude, exuberance, optimism, search for justice, and love for life, combined with great pride of being a Ukrainian-American women entrepreneur. She is always willing and happy to help anyone in need.


Olya Nakonechna

Acting President

Proud native of Lviv, Ukraine, Olha Nakonechna moved to the United States to pursue her Master’s Degree in Political Science. She is a devoted young professional in the field of financial crimes risk reduction and compliance with regulations of global and domestic financial institutions at Accuity, Inc. as well as entrepreneur, co-owner of the translation services business, V&O Professional Center, serving needs of the local community.  Bi-cultural background and focus on philanthropist and humanitarian ideas has led her into seeking volunteering opportunities and involvement within the Ukrainian community in Chicago. As a member of Ukrainian Women in Business since 2013, Olha has been part of numerous charity projects and initiatives of this organization contributing to the united effort of giving out and sharing acts of kindness.

 Lacey Thompson

Secretary and Director of Public Affairs

 A native of Ukraine, even as a little girl, Lacey tried to make a profit on her grandparent’s farm selling fruits and vegetables at the market.  She followed her calling and graduated with degree in Finance from Loyola University Chicago. Now with over 15 years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry in Finance, Internal Audit and Compliance Management Lacey strives to help others to get ahead. Throughout her professional career Lacey has been involved supporting women and their causes professionally through organizations like Woman Leaders in Action and Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.  As Secretary and Director of Public Affairs, Lacey makes sure the world knows how UWB improves lives of Ukrainian orphans and promotes women owned business in Chicago-land area.

Klavdiya Dunayska

UWB Team Leadership Curators

  • Olesya Gerasymenko – Social Media Curator
  • Ulyana Tretyak -Special Events Curator
  • Inna Popko – Special Events Coordinator
  • Nataliya Onysko – Volunteers’ Curator

We truly believe that the strength of the team is our each individual member. And the strength of each member is the team